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[Unban Appeal] Flex

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Posted (edited)

I wasn't sure where to post this as there is no proper appeal section (that I could see, anyway).

In-game Name:

What happened?:
I was doing the contentzone when I started attacking the stream invader NPC's on the side of the area and seen it would pull me through the wall, so I followed them back and found a stack of 3-4 in one area and was noticing that I would get 1 point per kill so I was farming them while people were doing the contentzone as I wanted to buy some better range armor. I  was keeping an eye on chat and never seen it toggle off, even seen Saint Veins sitting there and Drgoat run by, then shortly after, while still killing them I got logged out, tried to log back in and was banned.

Why should you be unbanned?:
I had no idea that the zone was over and people were being told to leave, which is completely my fault anyway as I should have not gone so far back where there was more invaders. I am genuinely sorry and regret staying longer than I should have, but I promise I had no ill intentions and will better pay attention, if not just completely avoid attack the invaders on the outside. I enjoy this server a lot and regret my actions.

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